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Storing your camera in your car for long hours, especially under the extreme temperature conditions you mentioned, is definitely something to be cautious about. Both high heat and severe cold can harm your camera and lenses.

In high temperatures, the heat can affect the battery life, melt adhesives within the lens, and even warp plastic components. On the flip side, extremely low temperatures can cause battery discharge to speed up, and moving your camera from cold to warm environments rapidly can lead to condensation inside the camera body and lens, potentially damaging the electronics.

A good practice is to use a well-padded, insulated camera bag and to place silica gel packets inside it to help control moisture. If possible, it’s best to avoid leaving your camera gear in the car for extended periods, especially under such extreme temperatures. Consider taking it with you or storing it in a more controlled environment.

And just for a bit of extra flair, here’s a pro tip: If you do need to leave your camera in the car in cold conditions for a while, keep the batteries with you in a warm place (like your pocket) to maintain their charge. When ready to shoot, you can pop them back into the camera!

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